Battlefield 1 medic guide


What is the best strategy for playing as a medic?

A Battlefield 1 team without medics will have a hard time winning any type of battle, but that’s only part of the struggle. How many times have you watched one or a couple medics run by while you lie wounded on the ground? Why did they ignore your calls for help? Here’s how to properly help your teammates as a medic and which equipment to use while doing it.

Medic basics

No matter how you play as a medic, the basics remain the same: your primary role is to provide healing and revives to your teammates. Playing on a full squad with varied classes works best as you can all contribute in different ways to the overall objective — you’ll also get more XP for revives and heals within your squad.


If you have them equipped, toss as many medpacks as you can; you’ll never run out. Just ensure you don’t block a teammate’s view if they’re lying prone.

A new addition to Battlefield 1 is the ability to quickly toss medpacks using the spot button (Q on PC, right bumper on Xbox). You will be prompted to do so when you aim at a wounded teammate — use it to your advantage, as more medpacks means more healing and more points!

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