Baseball Riot swings bats, balls, and explosions onto Windows 10 PC and Mobile


Baseball Riot is the latest from 10Tons gaming and available from the Xbox One, Windows 10, and Windows Phone Stores. It is a puzzle game of sorts where you are tasked with taking out enemy baseball players and corrupt energy drink reps.

The game puts you in the shoes of baseball legend Gabe Carpaccio, who is seeking vengeance on his team and the corrupt energy drink manufacturer Explodz, both of whom conspired to end his career. Armed with only his baseball bat and balls, the Windows Phone game has over 100 levels of play where you battle the evil minions of Explodz and Carpaccio’s former baseball team.

Baseball Riot falls in line with all of 10Tons’ offerings with outstanding graphics, challenging gameplay and a touch of twisted humor that will make most crack a smile. We took the Windows Phone version of Baseball Riot out for a test drive and found it to be a great time waster to have in your gaming library.

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