Azedeem: End of Era, a Windows 10 Mobile game full of magic and monsters


Azedeem: End of Era is a fantasy trading card game that is available for Windows 10 Mobile. You collect a series of trading cards that represent a host of fantasy races to create a band of adventurers who travel a mysterious land, defeating evil where it may hide.

There are hundreds of encounters and dozens of cards to collect and defeat. Gameplay is reminiscent of the classic card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh or World of Warcraft and the graphics are nicely drawn up with a fantasy art feel, somewhat reminiscent of Frank Frazetta.

Azedeem: End of Era is an entertaining game to spend a little time with, but may lack the action that many gamers seek. The free Windows 10 game is available for Mobile devices, as well as Windows Phone 8.1. If you are itching for a fantasy trading card game for your Mobile device, Azedeem: End of Era is worth a try.

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