Alibi is Rainbow Six Siege's new defender with a holographic twist


Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming Operator, “Alibi,” has been revealed ahead of Operation Para Bellum.

Ubisoft has formally unveiled one of two upcoming playable Operators soon on their way to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege with Operation Para Bellum. Alongside an insight into a new defender named “Alibi,” the publisher has shared a CGI trailer showing her gadget in action.

Today’s news focuses on the Operator’s backstory, detailing her upbringing that led to recruitment into the Italian Carabinieri military police. Despite Libyan origins, “Aria de Luca” immigrated to Italy, gaining knowledge of firearms at a young age and gaining exceptional shooting skills.

A deep understanding of Alibi and her abilities has been known for some time, following multiple substantial leaks in recent months. She is presumed to utilize hologram projectors to deceive foes, with players who shoot being instantly tracked. The Operator is also expected to bring a new gun to the game – the Storm MX4 submachine gun.

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