A look at Microsoft's mysterious 'Eden Falls' game for Windows 8 phones, PCs, tablets, and Xbox


Ever heard of “Eden Falls?” Microsoft trademarked the name back in 2014 for Xbox, but nobody really knew what it was for. Today, we have some answers.

It appears Microsoft might have used the trademark for a couple of projects. Brimstone Games was originally tipped as the developer of a game called “Eden Falls,” building a single player RPG rated for adults, apparently, for Android and iOS tablets. Microsoft later purchased the domain “EdenFallsGame.com,” and it looked as though the project was gaining steam.

Later on, the trademark “Eden Falls” became associated with a rumored project from Lift London, which seems to now be responsible for developing experiences for HoloLens.

Well, we got our hands on the game, and we took a look at this canceled project for Xbox One and Windows 8 devices.

Source: Windows

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