A guide to Overwatch competitive/esports phrases and jargon


Overwatch has plenty of jargon associated with it. But what does it actually mean?

Blizzard Entertainment’s hit hero shooter Overwatch is often played in competitive formats. Due to this, many of the game’s players put themselves in focused mindsets during gameplay, trying their best to encourage teamwork and win the match. One of the most effective ways this is done is by using quick and clear voice communication to convey information or suggest what the rest of the team should do.

As time has gone on, certain phrases and words have become popular amongst members of the community — but to new or casual players, these may seem confusing. Thankfully, I’ve been playing the game’s competitive mode since it launched, and I’ve got a strong grasp on everything you’ll hear on the voice chat in-game. Here’s my comprehensive guide to competitive phrases and jargon in Overwatch.


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Overwatch is a team-focused hero shooter from Blizzard Entertainment that offers players tons of different characters and playstyles to master.

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