A beginner's guide to Dark Souls 3


If you’re having Dark Souls 3 problems I feel bad for you, son… I got 99 items and an Estus ain’t one…

With a reputation that preceded it, Dark Souls 3 is finally upon us. Dark Souls 3 is well known for it’s punishing boss fights, moody setting and difficult to glean plotlines making it one of the most challenging games ever to grace consoles in the last ten years.

For the “Unkindled” among us, Dark Souls 3 would likely be a source of high blood pressure, broken controllers, and brown pants. The veterans of the series will find it refreshing and as much a challenge as they’d come to expect from developers From Software.

Like the 8th rule of Fight Club, if this is your first Dark Souls, you have to fight.

But if this is your first Dark Souls game, you might find you’re feeling a bit bewildered by the story, lack of maps, and absent in-game guide. And frequently dead. To make the passage a little smoother, here are some tips to see you through.

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