5 Xbox One X Enhanced games we love (a lot)


After spending nearly 10 hours with the Xbox One X prior to launch, these are our top titles so far.

Less than two months remain until Microsoft’s upcoming flagship console, the Xbox One X, hits store shelves worldwide. Following its reveal at E3 2017, a stream of new details has continued to emerge, surrounding both the system itself and the games to expect at launch. Promising to deliver improvements to both existing and upcoming Xbox One games, increased resolutions, more consistent frame rates and other visual upgrades will be frequent changes across select games.

Since the console’s unveiling, we managed to spend a fair few hours with prototype versions of the Xbox One X, getting a feel for the console and its growing library. The titles updated for the console, known as “Xbox One X Enhanced” games, will be those that truly shine on the device, with the ability to take full advantage of the newly available resources. We rounded up five enhanced games we’re loving right now on Xbox One X, ahead of its slated November 7 launch.

1. Rise of the Tomb Raider

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