3 ways EA could save Star Wars Battlefront II


All hope is not lost: Star Wars Battlefront II has a chance to recover from all the recent controversy. Here are three changes that would help it do so.

It’s no secret by now that Star Wars Battlefront II was heavily damaged by its microtransaction fiasco. Selling only 882,000 units in its opening month, the game missed the projected 1,720,000 sales estimate by a large margin. Though the game has managed to gain some traction in the last few weeks (possibly due to the hype surrounding Star Wars with the launch of the new film, The Last Jedi) things still aren’t looking great for the galaxy far, far away.

Battlefront II likely won’t fully recover from the backlash it received, but the developers might be able to mend the wound somewhat by implementing changes. Here are three things that would improve Battlefront II and bring it some positive attention.

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