10 games you won't want to miss during the Steam Winter Sale


As 2017 draws to a close, Steam has launched its annual end-of-year sale, offering a huge number of titles at low prices. Here’s ten of the best games you can pick up during the event.

‘Twas the big Winter Steam Sale, and all ‘cross the net,
gamers held tight their gift cards and searched for titles to get.
From RPGs to Shooters, there were games aplenty,
most at a price that was well under twenty.

People rejoiced as the store pages quickly loaded,
while their Steam wallets’ contents were quickly eroded.
They dashed to their libraries, one by one with their haul,
and merrily cheered as they clicked on “install.”

They anxiously waited for their games to be ready,
with cursors poised over the play button, steady.
And as their installs were finally completed,
all real life priorities took a backseat, defeated.

Friends, these are the stories of Winter Sales past,
but be of good cheer, for they’re sure not the last.
One is live right now, as if on cue,
so here are ten games that are just right for you.

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